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Why not? With Shania Twain | A Self Portrait "How-To"

If you're looking for a way to take the perfect self-portrait for little to no cost, look no further: LA's hottest club is "Tin Foil." It has everything. Tin foil, tin foil, tin foil, and tin foil. And sunlight. And a 50mm lens. Aaaand a full-frame DSLR. That's all you need. Oh and a tri-pod. That's IT though.

How not to use tin foil:

1. See image above.

How to use tin foil:

1. Open tin foil box

2. Pull out as much as you want

3. Go to your studio and/or room with a white closet door or cool background

"Self Portrait help from someone who knows the bare minimum." Not the bare minimum; let's say the "partially clothed" minimum. I'm learning just like you are, so I thought I'd offer some help. And like, do what you want, but if you don't listen to me you'll fail. 

You can get creative with any kind of light. If it's dark outside, put a lamp by your face and get all dramatic on everyone. You dig? My only suggestion for foil is to have it hit the sunlight while directed at your face. Tape it to a nearby wall if you have to. It will literally do nothing if its far from your face hitting no light.

Next, wear your favorite shirt. One that makes you feel like you can walk down the street like you're on the runway. This shirt compliments your neck/face/ears/teeth/beard/eyebrows/and freckles. 

I'll let you fig out how to focus perfectly (put a mirror behind camera so you can see duh + 10sec timer), and all that jazz. The most important thing (in my opin) about Self Portraits is letting yourself be free. Think of them as temporary, like you'll never see them. Do it as if you're not even in the room. What I'm really trying to say is get over yourself. 

If you feel cocky and dumb for doing self portraits, that's silly. If you're doing them to make art and free yourself from your own comfortability, cheers. It's so freeing and fun and why do you need a reason? Go do it.

Sometimes I feel so afraid to be confident about creativity. But the best thing about art is it's literally your own thing. It's what you think is cool. Celebrate yourself once in a while, don't let it get to your head, and don't eat tin foil. 

Cheers, Brothers & Sisters. XOXO

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