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Self Portrait | Selfie | Kristen Wiig

Gettin' real sick of nonsense these days. Got a series of images to show for it ^.

Kidding, I said that cause I look livid in all those photos. But the truth for the series up there is this:

Some beautiful genius who I don't know the name of took a polaroid of Kristen Wiig at the Sundance Film Festival. It completely captivated every artistic bone in my body only to make my hands antsy-er than ever to create. Reading the story behind the polaroid made me even more excited. The photo was taken as a last-minute, major spur of the moment type deal. She saw the photographer packing up his gear and asked to have one taken "real quick", "just because". If that doesn't make you want to marry Kristen Wiig even more, you're lying to yourself and the entire human race. So knock it off. Sorry I had to raise my voice like that. You'll thank me one day. 

Self Portraits, ladies and gentlemen and ladygentlemen, are weird. Let me explain. 

I've been listening to so many audiobooks. Like, tell me a book right now: okay yeah, heard it. In one of the books, the author told stories of her artistic mother setting up her film camera (late 1960's) and taking self portraits. They were vulnerable and exciting and weird and she got to do whatever she wanted. But they were hers and they were limited, and she didn't have an Instagram to post them to. She had to take them to a special shop to get them developed and it was awkward. There was a certain bashfulness to the whole process, but it helped connect with a piece of her heart that she rarely got to hang out with. It's complete, raw, real art. 

Art. My favorite thing. Art is everywhere and in every soul. My mom thinks she has zero art about her, but she writes like Hemingway's mentor. I celebrate the artists that can express themselves without thinking twice about judgement or criticism. It's like, yeah obviously, it's art. You get to do whatever the hell you want because your soul is different that everyone else's and it just wants to tell your brain about it. 

Is this making sense? I'm saying art a lot. Art. 

Anyart, I hope you enjoy these snippets of my soul. Get ready to see more of it, cause it's comin' out of me like lava these days. 

Cheers, Brothers & Sisters. Xoxo.



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