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@BLNKUSA Put Their Foot Down

"When creative minds come together and work on a project for a greater purpose, something amazing is bound to happen. So, BLNK USA seemed to fit that platform and we hope to continue growing our mission with it!"

Guys. As the president (see blog below) I am ordering you to go look up BLNK USA. I've met a lot of people in my day and I've heard a lot of stories and testimonies of God's provision, but never have I ever heard of something like this. 

Katelyn Nix, (a founder of BLNK USA) and I had coffee over the past week (and YEAH, we met through Instagram). We shared quite a few laughs, but more than that I got to have my brain explode by listening to the most insane, encouraging story of creation. 

Katelyn found a blank space in her heart to create something beautiful. She felt a tug to push the ever-so-silly limits of the start to adulthood. That tug was just enough to captivate her time and grab her heart, only make her work harder. Just like a baby, it started with a twinkle in their eye, and is currently growing into the most radical, life-giving company on the planet.

BLNK USA is about the dreamers and creatives of the world. It's about creating opportunities to share and affirm God's never-ending love for us through the community of skate + beyond. Their mission statement you ask? Surely:

BLNK USA specializes in making handcrafted goods for a greater purpose. We exist to develop community through creative living and learning- United in Christ.

Yo, when we talkin' handcrafted goods, we talkin' handcrafted GREATS. They have the most gnar designs on their boards. Like, had a baby with And you better believe they are the dream team. Katelyn, Makenzie, Will, and Zak all work their butts off to make this place work, and boy do it WERK. I am SO beyond grateful to know them, I am SO encouraged by their heart for giving, and am DEFINITELY going to be talking about them more. 

Check 'em out here:




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