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'My dream is to work with my hands while traveling the world. I dream of working on various farms, being outside, and enjoying each location for the beauty it has to offer."

I am so intrigued by artists. The ones that put a paint brush to paper, or canvas, or whatever the heck they want. The ones that can see the world so vividly in their mind that they don't have to use a stencil to recreate it in their own way. And this is Alexa Goglanian. A fellow creative who not only disrupts "the norm" with captivating art, but she tramples it with her meek sense of self. 

I am so encouraged by who she is as a human. Here's her story:

She's from Temecula, CA and goes to school in Santa Barbara. She's constantly working, whether its with school or art. But any spare moment she can find to enjoy the atmosphere of a local coffee shop to sip on a vanilla latte, she'll soak it up like a sponge. She loves the sound of rustling leaves on a windy day- and thats a direct quote you can add to your poetry collection. She is inspired by her family who helps her see the world where she doesn't, and who stand by her through every step. I love that. As for Alexa's work, she's inspired by her surroundings, wherever they may be.

"I try and challenge myself to find something beautiful in every place I find myself. And since I paint with watercolors, there is something so freeing about letting the water and the color take control and flow over my paper." 

If you're not floored by this woman's passion and poise than I don't know what you are. But please take a gander at her work and soak in the beauty of her taking charge of her passions. There's nothing more encouraging than seeing a fellow creative grab a hold of what they love and pursue it with reckless abandon. 

Bing bang boom. Alexa Goglanian, Cheers to you.


*If you've been tagged on insta, Hello! You're inspiring to Alexa and I want to know you. If you'd like to join this adventure, shoot me an email.


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